Meredith B. Mitchell, Ph.D.

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Order and the law are associated with the father archetype and authority; therefore,

CRIME -- an offense against public law or social order -- is either (1) an act of rebellion against one's internal image of the positive aspect of the Great Father (externally represented by religious dogma, those who lay down rules for social behavior, law makers, and law enforcers) or (2) an attempt to serve, be accepted by, and pay tribute to the negative aspect of the Great Father (externally represented by rule breakers, law violators, Hitlerian dictators, and devil worshippers).

VIOLENCE -- abusive or injurious physical force -- can serve to compensate for feelings of weakness, impotence, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, inadequacy, and inferiority. It can also be an infantile effort to feel in control, experience power and thereby compensate for feeling powerless.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is a direct, outer effort to rid oneself and society of the shadow. It is an act which symbolizes the purging of what is rejected in oneself. The desire to rid oneself and the world of evil is universal. However, not everyone will agree with what is universally "bad," nor can people get rid of their unconscious destructive impulses by ridding the outer world of a projected manifestation of those impulses.

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