H e r o   o r   V i c t i m ?

A book by Meredith B. Mitchell, Ph.D.


About M.B. Mitchell


Through fairy tales and myths, this Jungian analyst brings to life the hero and victim in each of us. How can you awaken your inner hero?

Brief Description:
The hero and victim reside in all of us. In Hero or Victim? they are brought alive through verbal description and through the telling of myths and fairy tales. The book strives to aid readers to recognize when and how they become victimized and when and how they can function heroically. Parenting and communication issues are discussed extensively.

More Description:
The unconscious, being the womb from which all conscious awareness emerges, contains all human potentiality. It holds both healing and hurtful powers. Specifically, we can be victimized by inner needs and demands, or we can take on heroic characteristics to confront and combat what oppresses us.

With the help of the inner hero, we can discover the treasure of our strengths, creative potentials, and talents and recognize our own value.

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