Hero or Victim?

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"I enthusiastically recommend this book.... It is written in a down-to-earth, personal style, as if the author were speaking directly to the reader. It is full of practical wisdom and helpful advice. Jungian theory and concepts are clearly explained and related to everyday human situations.... The book (also) has ... an excellent review and summary of basic Jungian ideas.... Mitchell's book qualifies as a self-help tool in the best sense. It gives the reader understanding, guidance, wisdom, hope, and practical tools to facilitate an individuation journey of healing and transformation.... I ... plan to use this book as a guide throughout my life."

Gloria Avrech, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., in Psychological Perspectives, #31, pp.147f

"Through the use of fairy tales and myths the author skillfully brings to life the hero and victim in each of us. The writing style is simple and direct, and the implications this motif has for one’s own life become readily apparent, not least through the well chosen concrete examples and illustrations which are presented throughout the book.... The author suggests some of the basic steps that may be followed in the process of finding and activating the hero within.... It is this reviewer’s hope and belief that the reader will find this book truly worthwhile."

Jacob Goering, Ph.D., P.A., Jungian Analyst,
Silver Spring, Maryland

"This volume addresses a most pressing need in psychological literature: the thorough examination of the archetype of the victim.... Dr. Mitchell's presentation is thorough in presenting a clear description of the victim and hero in the personality structure. This is not just a 'good' book, but one which touches the mind and heart in a profound manner."

Daniel Rothstein, Ph. D., Jungian Analyst, Sherman Oaks, California

"We need this book.... I want to emphasize strongly that this book is essential reading for anyone who has ever felt victimized. It is packed with practical, accessible wisdom.... (Dr. Mitchell's) retelling of ... myths and fairy tales, and his pertinent commentaries ... connect them with our present lives.... This is a book to keep nearby, and to refer to again and again, when we need encouragement in our endless struggle toward consciousness."

Peggy Nutter, MFCC and past president of the Orange County Jung Club
Published in The Orange County Circle, California

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