Meredith Mitchell Sings -- mostly in the Burbank Chorale

     For almost five years, ending in 2004, I sang in the Burbank Chorale in Burbank, California. For about a year, I sang in the bass/baritone section. When I decided to take voice lessons from the chorale's conductor, Misha Shtangrud, he told me I was misplaced, declaring that I was actually a tenor. So he moved me into the tenor section of the chorale. I now sing tenor in the San Gabriel Chorale and in the Sun City Singers.

     The few samples of songs listed below are from the huge repertory of choral pieces sung by the Burbank Chorale in which I sang among the tenors. My voice is distinguishable in only one piece, "I am so Proud." It is a trio from Gilbert and Sullivan's "Mikado." I sing Koko's part. Poo Bah is sung by Darren Ranalli,Baritone, and Pish Tush is sung by Fred Camerer, bass.

     If I find any other songs where I sing solo, I'll add it to the list.

     Incidentally, I am webmaster for the Burbank Chorale, and if you would like to purchase a CD of the chorale's music from any of the concerts, they are available through the web site,, If you visit the site, you can also hear more samples of the chorale's music.

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